So many men have told me that just one romance tour with A Foreign Affair is better than years of therapy. Meeting the AFA clients before they leave and seeing the change in them once they return is simply amazing. Whether you are currently coping with divorce, dealing with divorce and children, or have already moved past your divorce, a "Get Over Her" Tour will be an unforgettable experience that can change your love life forever!

Men who are struggling after divorce or a recent break up should seriously consider an international introduction tour from A Foreign Affair. Even if a guy is simply looking to take a fun vacation and meet some interesting Russian women or beautiful Latin women, an AFA tour is a perfect way to melt the stress away.

A regular tour from A Foreign Affair is not only great for stress, but we will also be offering specific divorce support within certain tours. Whether guys are getting over a quick break-up or a drawn-out divorce, an AFA romance vacation with this added incentive will be all they need to happily move on with their lives.

AFA tours include five-star hotel accommodations, local city tours and transportation, daily breakfast, translators on-hand, unlimited personal introductions to the local women, and best of all, two to three full catered introduction socials. These socials are what really make the men forget about their problems from the past. In a comfortable, laid-back environment, men on the AFA tour and local female members of AFA come together to enjoy music, food, and the possibility of true love. The average ratio of women to men at a social by A Foreign Affair is 7 to 1.

I am sure that you know someone who is coping with divorce or a major break up and could use a retreat to paradise. Whether he is interested in meeting gorgeous Russian women or exploring the sites of China with intelligent Asian women, he will feel like a different man when he returns. Almost every client comes back ready to go on another tour (unless they met the love of their life!).

Our business is dedicated to making people happy and changing people's lives. When someone is struggling with the end of a relationship, it doesn't make sense to let them obsess over the problem. If you've ever dealt with an emotional break up, I'm sure you know it doesn't help to sit around and think about it. Instead of grappling with wild emotions, call us at A Foreign Affair. You won't regret it!